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2014-2015 Retiring Products

Retiring Product 2014-15

Item Description           Discontinuing
Z1683 Dimensional Elements Mixed Shapes  1-Sep
Z1684 Dimensional Elements Tags  1-Sep
Z1685 Dimensional Elements Banners  1-Sep
Z1791 Dimensional Elements Album Pages 1-Sep
Z1792 Dimensional Elements Awards 1-Sep
Z1793 Dimensional Elements Quotes 1-Sep
Z1900 Dimensional Elements Framework 1-Sep
Z1901 Dimensional Elements Snapshots 1-Sep
Z1902 Dimensional Elements Signage 1-Sep
X7184C Chalk It Up Complements 1-Sep
X7185C Scaredy Cat Complements 1-Sep
X7186C Pathfinding Complements 1-Sep
X7187C Yultide Carol Complements 1-Sep
X7188C Snowhaven Complements 1-Sep
X7189C Confetti Wishes Complements 1-Sep
X7190C Brushed Complements 1-Sep
X7191C Wanderful Complements 1-Sep
X7192C Seaside Complements 1-Sep
X7193C Heartstrings Complements 1-Sep
X7195C Jackson Complements 1-Sep
X7196C Blossom Complements 1-Sep
Z1708 Sparkles Flourishes  1-Sep
Z1745 Sparkles Flourishes Black 1-Sep
Z1753 Sparkles Brown & Tan Assortment 1-Sep
Z1754 Sparkles Black & Grey Assortment  1-Sep
Z1806 Green & Blue Epoxy Bubbles  1-Sep
Z1807 Pink Glitter Gems  1-Sep
Z1812 Sparkles Clear Flourishes - Small 1-Sep
Z1815 Mini Clothes Pins 1-Sep
Z1909 Sparkle Chevron Shapes 1-Sep
Z1916 Sparkles Black Flourishes–Small 1-Sep
Z1935 Black & Grey Epoxy Bubbles 1-Sep
Z1936 Purple Glitter Gems 1-Sep
Z3028 Lovestruck Mini Clothespins 1-Sep
Z3029 Happy Day Mini Clothespins 1-Sep
Z3037 Stuck on You Puffies 1-Sep
Z3038 Junebug Puffies 1-Sep
Z3041 Oceanside Sequins 1-Sep
Z3042 Coral Reef Sequins 1-Sep
Z3073 Brave Enamel Shapes 1-Sep
Z3074 Bubbly Enamel Shapes 1-Sep
Z2044 Confetti Wishes Assortment 1-Sep
Z3007 Yuletide Carol Assortment 1-Sep
Z3008 Snowhaven Assortment 1-Sep
Z3009 Chalk It Up Assortment  1-Sep
Z3010 Wanderful Assortment 1-Sep
Z3011 Scaredy Cat Assortment 1-Sep
Z3012 Pathfinding Assortment 1-Sep
Z3013 Brushed Assortment 1-Sep
Z3014 Seaside Assortment 1-Sep
Z3015 Heartstrings Assortment 1-Sep
Z3016 Hopscotch Assortment 1-Sep
Z3071 Jackson Assortment 1-Sep
Z3072 Blossom Assortment 1-Sep
Z1857 Mini-Medley Accents Rosewood Collection 1-Sep
Z1861 Mini-Medley Accents Ruby Collection 1-Sep
Z1862 Mini-Medley Accents Black Collection 1-Sep
Z1855 My Crush™ Modville Book 1-Sep
Z1856 My Crush™ Bluebird Book 1-Sep
Z1886 My Crush™ Besties Assortment 1-Sep
Z1887 My Crush™ Best Day Ever Assortment 1-Sep
Z1888 My Crush™ Memories Assortment 1-Sep
Z1889 My Crush™ Favorites Assortment 1-Sep
Z2000 My Crush™ In the Pink Book 1-Sep
Z2001 My Crush™ Wildwood Book 1-Sep
Z2040 My Crush™ Wildwood Assortment 1-Sep
Z2041 My Crush™ Wildwood Sticky Tabs 1-Sep
Z2042 My Crush™ In the Pink Assortment 1-Sep
Z2043 My Crush™ In the Pink Sticky Tabs 1-Sep
Z2047 My Crush™ Wildwood Clips 1-Sep
Z2048 My Crush™ In the Pink Clips 1-Sep
Z2051 My Crush™ Holiday Happenings Badge Buttons 1-Sep
Z2062 My Crush™ Holiday Happenings Assortment 1-Sep
Z2098 My Crush™ Holiday Happenings Book 1-Sep
Z3080 My Crush™ For Him Book 1-Sep
Z3081 My Crush™ For Her Book 1-Sep
Z1864 Slate Striped Twist Ties 1-Sep
Z1920 Gold Polka-Dot Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z1921 Baker's Twine Neutral Metallic Assortment  1-Sep
Z1923 Smoothie Striped Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z1929 Topiary Mini Chevron Ribbon 1-Sep
Z1931 Honey Triangles Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z1932 Silver Geometric Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z1933 Ruby Chevron Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z2002 Topiary Striped Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z2003 Black Arrow Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z2004 Lagoon Hearts Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z2005 Sunset Chevron Washi Tape 1-Sep
Z3066 Boardwalk Washi Pack 1-Sep
Z3067 Carnival Washi Pack 1-Sep
Z1987 Cranberry Striped Twill Ribbon 1-Sep
Z1988 Black Striped Twill Ribbon 1-Sep
Z1989 Slate Diagonal Striped Ribbon 1-Sep
Z1990 Thistle Diagonal Striped Ribbon 1-Sep
1010 Extender Posts 1" 1-Sep
1011 Posts and Screws 1" 1-Sep
Z1346 12 x 12 Post Bound Album- Outdoor Denim 1-Sep
Bulk343 Chalk It Up B&T Duos 1-Sep
Bulk344 Scaredy Cat B&T Duos 1-Sep
Bulk345 Pathfinding B&T Duos 1-Sep
Bulk346 Yuletide Carol B&t Duos 1-Sep
Bulk347 Snowhaven B&T Duos 1-Sep
Bulk348 Confetti Wishes B&T Duos 1-Sep
Bulk349 Brushed B&T Duos 1-Sep
Bulk350 Wanderful B&T Duos 1-Sep
Bulk351 Seaside B&T Duos 1-Sep
Bulk367 Jackson B&T Duo 1-Sep
Bulk368 Blossom Bluk B&T 1-Sep
Z1030 Monthly Calendar 1-Sep
Z126 Event Calendar 1-Sep
Z2056 Cut Above™ Valentine Treat Bag Kit 1-Sep
Z2057 Cut Above™ Holiday Treat Bag Kit 1-Sep
Z2058 Cut Above™ Halloween Treat Bag Kit 1-Sep
Z2059 Cut Above™ Birthday Treat Bag Kit 1-Sep
Z2061 Cut Above™ Happy Birthday Card Kit 1-Sep
Z2063 Cut Above™ Thank You Card Kit 1-Sep
Z2064 Cut Above™ Christmas Card Kit 1-Sep
Z2065 Cut Above™ Holiday Card Kit 1-Sep
Z1818 My Creations™ 6" x 6" Canvas Display 1-Sep
Z1865 Designed Décor White Frame 1-Sep
Z1880 Designed Décor Black Frame 1-Sep
Z1896 Designed Décor Flip Stand Album 1-Sep
Z1899 Hook Clips 1-Sep
Z1822 My Creations™ Muslin Drawstring Bags 1-Sep
Z1823 My Creations™ Clear Treat Tubes 1-Sep
Z1840 My Creations™ Clear Pillow Boxes 1-Sep
Z1872 My Creations™ Burlap Drawstring Bags 1-Sep
Z1941 My Creations® Pennant Frame 1-Sep
Z1296 Distressing Inks 1-Sep
44751 Archival Black Stamp Pad 1-Sep
4476 Reinker Archival Black 1-Sep
Z4135 Exclusive Inks Re-inker Tray 1-Sep
Z1473 White Daisy Die-Cut Cards & Envelopes 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" 1-Sep
Z1866 White Daisy Circle Spin Cards & Envelopes 1-Sep
Z1830 Brown & Tan Glitter Paper 1-Sep
Z1847 Green Glitter Paper 1-Sep
X7195B Jackson Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7196B Blossom Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7184B Chalk It Up Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7185B Scaredy Cat Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7186B Pathfinding Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7187B Yuletide Carol Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7188B Snowhaven Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7189B Confetti Wishes Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7190B Brushed Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7191B Wanderful Paper Packet 1-Sep
X7192B Seaside Paper Packet 1-Sep
Z1942 Picture My Life™ Avonlea Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z1943 Picture My Life™ Babycakes Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z1944 Picture My Life™ Laughing Lola Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z1945 Picture My Life™ Later Sk8r Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z1946 Picture My Life™ Surf's Up Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z1947 Picture My Life™ Skylark Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z1948 Picture My Life™ Balloon Ride Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z1949 Picture My Life™ Chantilly Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z1973 Base & Bling Storyteller Style Sheet 1-Sep
Z1974 Base & Bling Free Thinker Style Sheet 1-Sep
Z1975 Base & Bling Craft Queen Style Sheet 1-Sep
Z1976 Base & Bling Dreamer Style Sheet 1-Sep
Z2017 Picture My Life™ Pear & Partridge Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z2018 Picture My Life™ Chalk It Up Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z2019 Picture My Life™ Wanderful Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z2020 Picture My Life™ Seaside Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z2022 Picture My Life™ For Always Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
Z3046 Picture My Life Heartstrings 1-Sep
Z3053 Picture My Life Avonlea 1-Sep
Z3054 Picture My Life Babycakes 1-Sep
Z3055 Picture My Life Laughing Lola 1-Sep
Z3056 Picture My Life Later Sk8r 1-Sep
Z3057 Picture My Life Surf's Up 1-Sep
Z3058 Picture My Life Skylark 1-Sep
Z3059 Picture My Life Balloon Ride 1-Sep
Z3060 Picture My Life Chantilly 1-Sep
Z3061 Picture My Life Chalk It Up 1-Sep
Z3062 Picture My Life Wanderful 1-Sep
Z3063 Picture My Life Seaside 1-Sep
Z3064 Picture My Life Pear & Partridge 1-Sep
Z3065 Picture My Life For Always 1-Sep
Z3068 Picture My Life™ Jackson Scrapbooking Program 1-Sep
W1130 Annual Inspirations 2014-2015 B&T Duos Sampler 1-Sep
W1133 Paper Fundamentals Sampler 1-Sep
W1135 Expressions Summer 2014 B&T Duo Sampler 1-Sep
W1152 Close To My Heart Cello Bag 1-Sep
W471 Cardstock Sampler 1-Sep
W649 Desk Pad 1-Sep
G1083 Workshops on the Go™ Pathfinding Cardmaking Kit 1-Sep
G1085 Workshops on the Go™ Snowhaven Cardmaking Kit 1-Sep
G1095 Workshops on the Go™ Blossom Cardmaking Kit 1-Sep
G1081 Workshops on the Go™ Chalk It Up Scrapbooking Kit 1-Sep
G1082 Workshops on the Go™ Pathfinding Scrapbooking Kit 1-Sep
G1084 Workshops on the Go™ Yuletide Carol Scrapbooking Kit 1-Sep
G1086 Workshops on the Go™ Confetti Wishes Scrapbooking Kit 1-Sep
G1087 Workshops on the Go™ Brushed Scrapbooking Kit 1-Sep
G1088 Workshops on the Go™ Wanderful Scrapbooking Kit 1-Sep
G1089 Workshops on the Go™ Seaside Scrapbooking Kit 1-Sep
G1094 Workshops on the Go™ Jackson Scrapbooking Kit 1-Sep
Z1940 Base & Bling Chain-Faux Antiqued Silver 1-Sep
Z1954 Base & Bling Chain-Faux Antiqued Gold 1-Sep
Z1955 Base & Bling Dreamer Charms Assortment 1-Sep
Z1957 Base & Bling Free Thinker Charms Assortment 1-Sep
Z1958 Base & Bling Craft Queen Charms Assortment 1-Sep
Z1959 Base & Bling Storyteller Charms Assortment 1-Sep
Z1962 Base & Bling Square Pendant-Faux Antiqued Silver 1-Sep
Z1963 Base & Bling Square Pendant-Faux Antiqued Gold 1-Sep
Z1964 Base & Bling Circle Pendant-Faux Antiqued Silver 1-Sep
Z1965 Base & Bling Circle Pendant-Faux Antiqued Gold 1-Sep
Z1978 Base & Bling Rhinestone Charms 1-Sep
Z2007 Base & Bling Oval Pendant-Faux Antiqued Gold 1-Sep
Z2008 Base & Bling Oval Pendant  Faux Antiqued Silver 1-Sep
Z2014 Base & Bling Journey Charms 1-Sep
Z2024 Base & Bling Signature Charms 1-Sep
Z2025 Base & Bling Rectangle Pendant-Faux Antiqued Gold 1-Sep
Z2026 Base & Bling Rectangle Pendant-Faux Antiqued Silver 1-Sep
Z2034 Base & Bling Oval Cuff-Faux Antiqued Gold 1-Sep
Z2035 Base & Bling Oval Cuff- Faux Antiqued Silver 1-Sep
Z2502 Enchantment Exclusive Inks® Mini Pigment Pads Set 1-Sep
Z2201 Reinker Autumn Terracotta 1-Sep
Z2204 Reinker Barn Red 1-Sep
Z2230 Reinker Indian Corn Blue 1-Sep
Z2237 Reinker Olive 1-Sep
Z2240 Reinker Outdoor Denim 1-Sep
Z2245 Reinker Ponderosa Pine 1-Sep
Z2247 Reinker Smokey Plum 1-Sep
Z2101 Stamp Pad Autumn Terracotta 1-Sep
Z2104 Stamp Pad Barn Red 1-Sep
Z2130 Stamp Pad Indian Corn Blue 1-Sep
Z2137 Stamp Pad Olive 1-Sep
Z2140 Stamp Pad Outdoor Denim 1-Sep
Z2145 Stamp Pad Ponderosa Pine 1-Sep
Z2147 Stamp Pad Smokey Plum 1-Sep
1245 Cardstock 12x12 Olive 1-Sep
1270 Cardstock 12x12 Autumn Terracotta 1-Sep
1275 Cardstock 12x12 Outdoor Denim 1-Sep
1276 Cardstock 12x12 Ponderosa Pine 1-Sep
1284 Cardstock 12x12 Indian Corn Blue 1-Sep
1291 Cardstock 12x12 Smokey Plum 1-Sep
X5637 Cardstock 12x12 Barn Red 1-Sep
X5934 Enchantment Cardstock Combo Pack 1-Sep
Z1939 Paper Fundamentals Basics Assortment 1-Sep
Z2031 Paper Fundamentals Enchantment Assortment 1-Sep
Z2032 Paper Fundamentals Adventure Assortment 1-Sep
Z2033 Paper Fundamentals Whimsy Assortment 1-Sep
Z1686 Cricut Art Philosophy Collections 1-Sep
Z1790 Cricut Artiste Collections 1-Sep
Z1906 Cricut Artbooking Collections 1-Sep
Z3017 Cricut Artfully Sent Collection 1-Sep

A1147 Hanukkah Celebration 1-Sep
A1152 Joyful Wishes 1-Sep
A1153 Hope 1-Sep
A1155 Quick Cards—Japanese Blossom 1-Sep
A1157 Quick Cards—Island Greetings 1-Sep
A1161 Beyond Measure 1-Sep
A1162 Bright Spirits 1-Sep
A1163 Practical Planning 1-Sep
A1165 Capture the Day  1-Sep
A1166 Quoth the Raven 1-Sep
A1168 O Holy Night 1-Sep
A1169 Well Wishes 1-Sep
A1171  A Little Note 1-Dec
B1403 To You and Yours 1-Sep
B1432 Love This 1-Sep
B1442 Belated Birthday 1-Sep
B1452 Funky Blossoms 1-Sep
B1454 Thanksgiving Wreath 1-Sep
B1455 Be Jolly 1-Sep
B1456 Born to Roam 1-Sep
B1457 Tweet Me 1-Sep
B1458 Cuddly Salutations 1-Sep
B1459 Celebrate Love 1-Sep
B1461 Happy Mail 1-Sep
B1464 Puppy Party  1-Sep
B1465 Glitter Glam 1-Sep
B1467 You Mean the World to Me 1-Sep
B1468 Merriest Christmas 1-Sep
B1469 His Love 1-Dec
B1470 Love Ya Silly 1-Dec
B1471 Variety of Thanks 1-Sep
B1472 Love This Story 1-Sep
B1477 Exotic Flower 1-Sep
C1504 Fall Harvest 1-Sep
C1506 Flakey Friends 1-Sep
C1522 Creepy Creatures 1-Sep
C1533 Fabulous You 1-Sep
C1556 Paisley Perfect 1-Sep
C1557 Polar Bear Holiday 1-Sep
C1561 One-Way Borders 1-Sep
C1562 Mary and Babe 1-Sep
C1570 Lifting Spirits 1-Sep
C1576 Pick a Posey 1-Sep
C1585 Australian Salutations 1-Sep
C1586 Australian Thanks 1-Sep
C1587 Sing Glory 1-Sep
C1589 Lifetime of Happiness 1-Sep
C1592 World Traveler 1-Sep
C1593 Hats Off 1-Sep
C1595 Hello Summer 1-Sep
C1596 Happy Hexagons 1-Sep
C1597 Rainy Day 1-Sep
C1598 Noel 1-Sep
C1600 Happy Birds 1-Sep
C1601 Nursery Charms 1-Sep
C1602 Magical Moment 1-Sep
C1603 A Bunch of Thanks 1-Dec
C1606 A Thing Well Done 1-Dec
C1617 You're the Bomb 1-Dec
C1613 Paper Bird 1-Sep
C1614 Tagged with Love 1-Sep
D1469 Polka Dot Alphabet 1-Sep
D1507 Urban Alphabet 1-Sep
D1540 In the Background 1-Sep
D1541 Fast and Furious 1-Sep
D1543 Country-Born 1-Sep
D1544 Distressed Backgrounds 1-Sep
D1550 Happy Autumn 1-Sep
D1552 Magical Days 1-Sep
D1553 Yuletide Greetings 1-Sep
D1554 Christmas Village 1-Sep
D1559 Geometric Backgrounds 1-Sep
D1596 Outback Adventure 1-Sep
D1597 Hoppy Birthday 1-Sep
D1602 A Budding Friendship 1-Sep
D1603 Shreddin' the Slopes 1-Sep
D1608 Better with a Friend 1-Sep
D1615 Sweet As Sugar 1-Sep
D1616 Have a Happy Day 1-Sep
D1632 Amour 1-Dec
D1640 Celebrate Australia 1-Sep
E1026 Vogue Alphabet 1-Sep
M1043 Sprig Wreath 1-Sep
M1044 Spring Banner 1-Sep
M1045 My Happy 1-Sep
M1046 Guiding Heart 1-Sep
M1047 Timely Tidings 1-Sep
M1048 A Quick Hello 1-Sep
M1049 Blooming Heart 1-Sep
M1052 Mini Valentine 1-Dec

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